Welcome to the website of Moriden Co., Ltd. We started as an interior decoration textile business by our founder, Densaburo Morita, in 1910 at Shiba Atagoshita-cho, Tokyo (currently 3-chome, Shimbashi, Minato-ku).

Since then, our fabric-based products have been widely used in automobiles, train seats, interior materials, sofas, and office chairs. You may have seen or touched our products in your daily lives.

Our strengths, include technological capabilities in manufacturing as well as our global network that incorporates quality products and trends from around the world, including our local subsidiaries in the United States and China. Our products have been refined over many years and have been positively reviewed by many business partners.

In April 2010, we became one of the companies which celebrated a 100-year-old history. We will continue to innovate and challenge our future business as a total interior supplier. Thank you again for your interest in our business.

Yasuo Morita