Vehicle Interior

To Meet the Changing Needs for
Functionality and Quality

We select the best materials for comfort, ease of use and safety for the end user.
These materials are manufacturing into a quality product,
comfortable fabric and color that can be supplied globally.


  • Proactive Product Development

    Material knowledge, development of products with our customers, highlights our product expertise. This is accomplished jointly and with confidentiality.

  • Global Procurement

    Due to our global footprint and supply base, we procure only premium materials for our customers. These materials are lightweight, environmentally friendly, and antibacterial to exceed our customer expectations.

  • Cargo Systems

    HS-RIM, which is manufactured based on know-how developed by Moriden, is a high quality product that minimizes weight and maximizes strength. It is manufactured into “Luggage Floor Board” by our integrated production line. It has been awarded by various automobile manufacturers such as SUBARU, TOYOTA, NISSAN, MITSUBISHI, and HINO.

Products for Other Vehicles

Supplier of interior products which has comfort,
safety and reliability for all vehicles types,
including trains, trucks, buses and construction.

Functions and Features

Our Plants

Utilizing different materials, we design, produce, assemble, and test interior parts.
Developing information and automation permits us to be competitive
and provide quality products rapidly and securely to our customers.

Overseas Operations

Global Production and Procurement System Utilizing Subsidiaries
in the United States and China

Our factory in Indiana, USA, has full-scale production and supplies product to our customers in North America.

Our subsidary Shanghai office establish business relationship with quality
provider and process companies to procure materials in China.