Providing Products with Functionality and Aesthetics

As styles change, the functionality and feel required of interiors has increased and varied.
To meet the needs of our customers, designs that combine comfort, functionality,
and aesthetics need to be suitable for various environments and usage scenarios while always
incorporating cutting-edge design trends.


  • Japan Quality × Global Design Trends

    Our fabric made in Bishu (Aichi), Japan, enable us to provide high quality and stable volume. We are also familiar with global trend on fabric in Italy and Germany and able to utilize the trend in the design of our products.

  • One-stop Service from Planning to Delivery

    Our capabilities in anti-virus & anti-bacterial process as well as discoloration prevention processing with the introduction of organic and eco-friendly materials brings forward our expertise in design, thread selection & knitting methods.

  • High Reliability and Added Value

    Utilizing our knowledge in automotive products, sewing and molding processes enhances quality control items such as strength, abrasion resistance and light resistance testing in house and off-site facilities.