Our Products

  • Seat Cover

    Moriden adapts various material seat cover (fabrics, non-woven fabrics, resins) and designs by sewing, NC cutting machines and press machines.

  • Console Cover

    Console cover is wrapped with smooth synthetic leather by fastening. Stitching is available as an option.

  • Instrument Panel

    Upholstery material is wrapped to the substrate. Stitching is available as an option.

  • Sunshade

    The mesh fabric and resin are assembled by ultrasonic welding to allow attaching to window. Blocking sunlight and ultraviolet rays to create a more comfortable interior space.

  • Door Ornament

    A lining on door upholstery creates luxury interior. Stitching is available as an option.

  • Tonneau Cover

    A cargo room cover for hatchback car protects privacy and prevents from theft. PVC material is assembled by high frequency welding.

  • Trim

    Compression molding of thermoplastic resin allows to make products into various shapes and sizes. Non-woven fabrics and carpets provide more softer touch than plastic, and those are used for trucks as well as automobiles.

  • Luggage Board

    HS-RIM, which is manufactured based on know-how developed by Moriden, is a high quality product that minimizes weight and maximizes strength. It is manufactured into “Luggage Floor Board” by our integrated production line, and it has been used in car cargo room and truck bed.

  • Interior Fabric

    Moriden handles various type of cloth, non-woven fabric, and synthetic leather. From our expertise, we are able to propose customized items with functionality and comfort. We design, select materials, and produce quality products to meet cutomers needs.

Train Interior Materials

For many years, our material has been used for flooring, seats, and curtains.

Construction Machinery Interior Materials

Multiple manufacturers use our material in ceilings, sunshades,
and curtain of construction machinery. We can accommodate small-lot,
various materials, and manufacturing.